(Department Chairpersons)

Faculty Member                                                              Academic Year                      

Division                                                       Department                                             

The following major functional responsibilities are the job requirements for chairpersons.  Evaluatees should use these responsibilities as a basis for developing a written commentary that brings to the attention of the ILS any materials or accomplishments about which the ILS may not be aware.  Typically, two or three pages are an adequate length for the Form A-1 commentary. 


1.            Academic Leadership.  Encourages appropriate academic rigor as established by the department for each course.  Encourages use of different teaching methods and strategies to improve classroom instruction and learning outcomes for courses.  Encourages scholarship and professional development of faculty and self.  Promotes equitable student assessment using departmental requirements or guidelines.  Participates in registration and student advisement.  Represents the department in division and collegewide activities.

2.            Administrative Duties.  Holds department chair office hours.  Conducts department meetings as needed.  Participates in faculty hiring process as necessary.  Recommends course and faculty schedules.  Coordinates updating course syllabi.  Oversees textbook orders.  Conducts appropriate and scheduled faculty evaluations.  Directs revision and development of new courses and programs.  Participation in division planning process.

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