(Faculty Librarians)

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  The following major functional responsibilities are the job requirements for faculty librarians. 

Use an attachment to address how you are fulfilling these responsibilities.  Your commentary should bring to the attention of the ILS any materials or accomplishments  related to the major functional responsibilities (MFRs) about which the ILS may not be aware.  Typically, two or three pages are an adequate length.  Send the original commentary and a copy to the Central File by the due date published by the plan coordinator with copies to your ILS, dean, and, if applicable, coordinator and/or peer.  Make sure that you keep a copy for your own files.                                   


 1.            Professional Competence--General. Shows professional knowledge of assigned professional areas; keeps abreast of new developments in the profession and applies them appropriately; adheres to professional ethics.

 2.            Professional Competence--Reference. Has awareness of up-to-date reference materials and technology; conducts reference interviews and assists library users in accordance with the instructional guidelines established by the Learning Resources Division.

 3.            Professional Competence--Information Literacy. Adheres to instructional materials and subject content established for instruction in information literacy as established by the Learning Resources Division.

 4.            Professional Duties. Performs primary and secondary assignments in accordance with generally accepted library standards; exhibits willingness and ability to communicate with constituents; demonstrates ability to organize work in assigned areas.

 5.            Divisional Participation. Participates actively and thoughtfully in divisional responsibilities, including but not limited to preparing and updating divisional publications, contributing to the long-range planning process, and participating in collection development and maintenance activities, reference and teaching functions, and other activities essential to the smooth functioning of the division.

 6.            General Administrative Duties. Fulfills administrative duties of meeting all reference and instructional assignments or promptly notifying staff of absence; keeping accurate records and statistics as required; maintaining scheduled office hours; and responding promptly to requests from the dean.

 7.            College/Community Service. Participates in college-related activities either on- or off-campus, and/or other profession-related activities in the outside community.

 8.            Professional Development. Engages in professional activities that enhance professional effectiveness.

 9.            Professionalism. Carries out duties and responsibilities in a professional manner.

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