(Teaching Faculty, Second Year and Beyond)

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The following major functional responsibilities are the job requirements for teaching faculty. Use an attachment to address how you are fulfilling these responsibilities.  Your commentary should bring to the attention of the ILS any materials or accomplishments  related to the major functional responsibilities (MFRs) about which the ILS may not be aware.  Typically, two or three pages are an adequate length.  Send the original commentary and a copy to the Central File by the due date published by the plan coordinator with copies to your ILS, dean, and, if applicable, coordinator and/or peer.  Make sure that you keep a copy for your own files.


 1.        Instructional Content.  Adheres to instructional materials and subject content of appropriate academic rigor as established by the department for each course.

 2.        Instructional Methods.  Explores and uses different teaching methods and strategies to improve classroom instruction and learning outcomes for all students.

 3.        Student Assessment and Evaluation. Carries out reasonable, timely, and equitable student assessment using departmental requirements or guidelines.

 4.        Class Administrative Duties. Informs students in writing during first week of class of all course requirements including outline of course objectives, attendance policy, grading system, textbook and other instructional materials, and office hours.

 5.        Departmental Participation. Participates actively and thoughtfully in department meetings and responsibilities, including but not limited to preparing and updating course syllabi and textbook and course material selection.

 6.        General Administrative Duties. Fulfills administrative requirements of meeting all scheduled classes or promptly notifying staff of absences; keeping accurate class attendance and assessment records; maintaining scheduled office hours; submitting final grades in a timely fashion; and responding promptly to requests from course coordinators, department chairs, or deans.

 7.        College/Community Service. Participates in college-related activities either on- or off-campus.

 8.        Professional Development. Engages in professional activities that enhance instructional effectiveness.

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