The Plan coordinator, who shall be appointed by the president of the college, has the following responsibilities under the Plan:

             1.         Prior to the start of the fall semester, the coordinator prepares a specific timetable of applicable submission dates and deadlines.

             2.         The coordinator ensures his or her availability to faculty members to provide information and advice; such availability shall include scheduled group presentations and individual office appointments.

             3.         The coordinator is responsible for interpreting any and all provisions of the Plan and communicating such interpretations to responsible administrators and faculty.

             4.         The coordinator makes appropriate reasonable exceptions to the procedures contained herein where such exceptions expedite the evaluation process and remain within the spirit of the Plan.

             5.         The coordinator maintains the Faculty Evaluation Plan database from which studies may be conducted of standards of performance, historical trends, and unit comparisons.

            6.         The coordinator cooperates with the appropriate appellate and grievance bodies to facilitate the resolution of appeals and complaints under the Plan.