Dr. Vera Zdravkovich
Vice President of Instruction

Prince George’s Community College, a learning centered college, values technology as a tool to facilitate students’ learning. The college enables faculty to infuse technology into classroom instruction by providing facilities and professional development opportunities that lead to use of state of the art technology. 

A variety of technology workshops are provided each year to familiarize faculty with new software and advance their 

knowledge of existing software.  The college’s Technology Center is staffed with knowledgeable and creative instructional technologists who assist faculty in developing new and innovative uses of technology. 

Faculty use technology to teach students; students use technology to learn.  To support faculty and further enhance their abilities in the use of technology as a teaching tool, the college has been successful in pursuing outside funding.  We obtained a $200,000 grant from the National Science Foundation in 1998, and a five-year $1,619,785 Title III grant from the United States Department of Education.  The two grants have been used to support programs that encourage the technological advancement of our faculty and in turn, benefit our students. 

On the following pages, you will first learn about the variety of instructional technology services available to our faculty, followed by information about our Title III grant.  While this information is important, the greatest value of this brochure comes from seven of our faculty members who discuss their use of technology to augment their teaching strategies and strengthen students’ learning.  I am, therefore, very pleased to share with you, the ways in which our faculty use technology to facilitate student learning.