Title III Grant Opportunities
Dr. Robin Hailstorks,

Activity Director

The college’s Title III Grant offers opportunities for faculty innovators who would like to enhance or strengthen one or more courses in a cross-disciplinary collaboration with colleagues. This opportunity is part of the college’s U.S. Department of Education sponsored Title III, Institutional Strengthening Project, which will be entering its fourth year during the 2002-2003 academic year. The Faculty Phase 4 Team was formed during the spring of 2002.  

To be considered for the team, faculty applicants had to submit plans to improve one or more courses they would ordinarily teach.  Course enhancements submitted included planned outcomes consistent with one or more of the following Title III Project goals: 

  1. To improve in-course student academic success and retention;


  1. To better prepare students for the demands of today’s technological marketplace;
  1. To promote academic success through active learning strategies.

Appointment to the teams provides 3 load hours of released time in the fall and 3-hours of released time in the spring semesters for each participant. A summer stipend is also available contingent on satisfactory performance and progress during the year.  Individuals who have served on prior years’ performance were not eligible. 

Faculty participants who were and are currently involved in the Title III Project are as follows: 

Phase I Team – 1999-2000:  Margaret Bartow, Beth Baldwin, Peggy Beck, Tonya Friday, Robin Hailstorks, Lillian Holloman, Angela Rabatin, and Michele G. Smith 

Phase II Team – 2000-2001: Ana Echavarria-Dailey, William Knight, William Peirce, Martha Matthews, Aida Shehata, Scott Sinex, Marilyn Pugh, and Rosemary Smith 

Phase III Team – 2001-2002: Beth Atkins, Jessie Alexander, Alpha-Tamba Kpetawama, Leela Kapai, James Bridger, Diane Finley, Beverly Reed, Angela Rhoe, Norma Schmidt, and Imogene Zachery 

This is a marvelous opportunity for faculty to infuse technology with course materials, an excellent and innovative professional activity, and a strategy to challenge and retain students.