Instructional Technology Services
by Oliver Hansen

Prince George’s Community College provides an “Instructor’s Paradise” for its faculty through its Instructional Technology Services organization.  The experienced, hard-working, and helpful staff members are an integral part of the college’s educational team; instructing and assisting faculty to reach the highest possible technological levels of classroom instruction. 

Areas of service include the Technology Center, Distance Learning Center, Computer services (Labs & Classrooms), Video Production, and the College Cable TV Station. 

The Technology Resource Center (TRC) staff members are available to assist faculty with the development of web pages, Powerpoint, and other multi-media presentations, digital graphics, animation, digital audio and video, CD-ROM duplication, and the development of courses within “Blackboard”, the college-supported online course delivery system. TRC staff and faculty, also provide technology workshops to enhance the skills of faculty and staff. 

The Distance Learning Center (DLC) provides resources for the development and delivery of courses that are web- based (online), video-based (telecourse or teleweb), satellite downlinks, and interactive video courses (courses that are delivered via the interactive video distance 

learning classrooms in Accokeek 302 and Chesapeake 115.)  Offered through the DLC is “Online Express”, our college-wide training program for the development of online courses.  Faculty members apply to participate in the Online Express training sessions and as a result, agree to develop specific online courses.

Our Instructional Computer Services Center provides support for the open labs and computer classrooms across campus.  These services include support for the academic network, lab and classroom PC maintenance, and software acquisition and installation. 

Video Production Services provide support to faculty, staff, and student activities in addition to lending support to the surrounding community.  Additionally, Video Production Services are used to support the mission of the college.  Examples include taping of forums, conferences, guest speakers, art and music events, Hallam Theater productions, college sponsored events such as the Blue Bird Blues Festival, and projects in support of classroom instruction. 

The Cable TV Station (CH 75) supports the delivery of telecourses and other college programming, advertises college events, promotes academic programs and courses, and disseminates employment opportunities.

Contact Information:

Visit Instructional Technology Services at:

Tech. Resource Center: 301-341-3006

Distance Learning Center: 303-322-0463

Computer Labs & Classrooms:

                Day: 301-322-0695

            Evening: 301-322-0039

Video Production: 301-322-0011

Cable TV Station: 301-322-0480

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