Technology in Social Science Courses  
By Dr. Nelson Kofie

I utilize a mix of technology and media to facilitate teaching and student learning. Via Blackboard, students are able to access all course information and documents: the syllabus, Powerpoint lecture notes, relevant reading materials, and links to statistical clearinghouses.  Unlike other traditional classes in which students simply use the technology to access information, students in my courses utilize the technology as an integral part of their coursework. 

A major component of student writing is done in the discussion forum.  Students utilize the Discussion Forum feature on Blackboard to dialogue on course-related topics.  The discussion forum provides a 

“private” space for students to share their thoughts and to read responses from others without the constraint of time.  The discussion forum has been especially useful in getting otherwise reserved students to “open up” and express themselves, thereby providing another way to assist professors with diversity of learning styles of students. 

Integrating technology into all my traditional classroom courses has effectively extended the classroom beyond the physical space and time.  Perhaps one of the unanticipated consequences in integrating technology into my traditional courses is that students gain the competency necessary to take a course online. 

Colleagues from Towson University Sharing Information Technology