Professor Mike Nisson, Chair

Department of Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, and Legal Studies 

Professor Mike Nisson has incorporated instructional technology in his classroom presentations, discussions, and testing methods, which he often adjusts to fit the interest areas of his students. He has also developed course designs by engaging in research of current literature related to his courses. As an added benefit, he utilizes current films, overhead projections, handouts, Web pages, and videos to supplement key points of a lecture.

Taking advantage of Staff Development opportunities, Professor Nisson has demonstrated his technological training by

applying PowerPoint, computer graphics,
Blackboard, and distance education in the classroom.  He explicates complex legal concepts through use of standard oral repetition, notes on the board, and questions from students.  Classroom activities are supported by use of the Internet, which also provides a means of distributing information to students.  Professor Nissonís Web page serves as an easy access for information about weekly course assignments and general access to his syllabus.  Professor Nisson has received many positive comments from students and peers concerning his outstanding and dedicated services in the classroom. 

Staff Development Opportunity in Information Technology