Literature and Technology
By Dr. Rosemary Smith

The poetry unit of English 102 (Writing from Literature) was modified during the fall semester of 2000 and spring semester of  2001.  This modification included a more technological approach to the interpretation of poetry.  In addition to the required essays and class lectures, this component allowed students the opportunity to integrate computer and/or video technology with the interpretation of poetry. 

During the allotted five-week period, students developed and ultimately finalized their required essays and presentations.  Based on their abilities and learning styles, students enhanced their understanding and enjoyment of poetry with artistic additions, use of music or sounds, use of computer graphics or special scenery, and through explication of poetry (visually, audibly, creatively, and scholastically.) 



The goal of this project was to show the relationship between technology and the literary genre of poetry; the infusion of technology with literature in general was explored from fall of 2001 to the spring of 2002. 

The infusion of technology into the English course curriculum actually did promote better understanding and enjoyment of poetry, fiction, and drama.  Additionally, the introduction to and/or enhancement of technical skills fostered critical thinking and creativity. 

The most rewarding part of this project was and still is the realization that  students are courageous, brilliant, creative, scholarly, inquisitive, patient, and determined.  For the visual learner, the use of technology enhanced the understanding and enjoyment of interpreting literature. 

Anyone interested in this project can contact Mrs. Marjani Kane-Morris in the Technology Center, Accokeek 103, to view samples of student work. 

Dr. Robin Hailstorks and Mrs. Shirley Courtney  - Title III Grant Initiative