Spanish and Technology

by Professor
Ana I. Echavarria-Dailey, Department of Foreign Languages

The use of technology in Spanish courses entails a series of computer-based multimedia lessons in Spanish.  The goal of these lessons is to merge content and technology through multimedia and the World Wide Web.  The interactive computer lessons are constructed with original footage taped in Spain.  Part of the taped material has been edited and programmed by the instructor, with the help of advanced students, into original lessons in Spanish.  The lessons include original video footage, photographs, printed material, listening comprehension exercises, and cultural information.

The project uses technology to explore cultural aspects of a particular society in a specific geographic area, and to further (enhance) the listening skills of students of Spanish.  The objective is to entice the student by presenting him a subject of interest and/or controversy in an attractive manner with pictures, videos, and native speakerís point of view on the subject matter (edit). The student increases his or her listening comprehension skills and knowledge of the culture through the information presented. Additionally, the lessons proceed to guide the student to particular sites on the Internet to further investigate the subject matter.  Finally, the student has to answer quizzes and complete tasks that show his or her understanding of the topic under discussion.  The entire project is an excellent combination of technology with Spanish, Spanish History, Current Events in Spain, and Student Learning.

Ana Echavarria-Dailey and
Leela Kapai at a Title III Grant Workshop