Committees and Representatives of the Faculty Organization

If applicable, the name is followed by the area the person represents. The year the term ends is given in parentheses.

Nominating Committee (a Faculty  Organization Committee)

Mary Nesbitt, Adjunct Faculty (2010)
Denise Colton, Health Sciences (2010)
Tiffany Padgett, Learning Foundations (2010)
Darlene Antezana, Liberal Arts (2010)
Glenn Gebler, STEM (2011)
Rik Karlsson, BSBS (2011)
Beth Adkins, Student Development Services (2011)
Vacant, Learning Resources (2011)

Adjunct Faculty Committee (a Faculty  Organization Committee)

Janet Carlson, Academic Affairs Liaison
Vacant, Designated by VP for Academic Affairs
Vacant, Designated by VP for WDCE
Vacant, STEM (2012)
Nicole Ives, Liberal Arts (2012)
Vacant, Student Development Services (2012)
Janet Carlson, Learning Foundations (2012)
Vacant, Learning Resources (2011)
Ed Mattox, Health Sciences (2011)
Crystal Smith, SSB (2011)
Vince Cipriani, WDCE (2011)

Faculty Salary and Benefits Committee (a Faculty  Organization Committee)

Rosanne Benn, Chair, VP of Faculty Organization (2012)
Swazette Young, Immediate Past VP (2012)
Jeanette Gerrity-Gomez, full-time faculty (2012)
Vacant, full-time faculty (2012)
Cheryl Dover, full-time faculty (2011)
H. Randall Poole, full-time faculty (2011)
Antoinette Doherty, full-time faculty (2013)
Goedele Gulikers, full-time faculty (2013)
TBA, adjunct faculty appointed by the Adjunct Faculty Committee (2011)
TBA, adjunct faculty appointed by the Adjunct Faculty Committee (2011)

Faculty Handbook and Bylaws Committee  (a Faculty Organization Committee)

Mike Gavin, President of Faculty Organization (2012)
Vacant, full-time delegate to Senate
Vacant, adjunct delegate to Senate

Representative to the President's Leadership Team

Mark Hubley

Representatives to the College-wide Forum

Barry Bugg (2011)
Laura Ellsworth (2011)
Barbara Sanders (2011)
Mirian Torain (2012)
Eldon Baldwin (2012)
Mary Cook (2012)

Members of the Faculty Grievance Committee

Abigail Bardi (2012)
Andrew Habermacher (2012)
Nancy Meman (2012)
Clyde Ebenreck (2012)
Vacant (2012)
Mary Helen Spear (2011)
Mary Falkey (2011)
Daniel Jones (2011)
Mary Stevenson (2011)

Representatives to the Sabbatical Leave Committee  (terms not specified)

Daniel Jones
Alan Mickelson
Cheryl Dover
Clyde Ebenreck