English 102: Introduction to Literature


SPRING 2002                                                               

S. Demma 


We read fiction because it makes us feel less lonely about being a human being. We read about what other human beings feel---what they're driven to do, how they often work for their own destruction, how they're in the grip of appetites that are beyond them and that they can't control or harness.

                                               John Updike (novelist, poet, dramatist)


Poetry is news that stays news.

                                               Ezra Pound (poet)


All the world's a stage

And all the men and women merely players.

                                                William Shakespeare (dramatist, poet)




                                           COURSE SYLLABUS

This syllabus is subject to change during the semester with notice



1/29                            Course begins

                                    Buy textbook

                                    In-class reading of a fable (Aesop)

                                    In-class writing on a fable


2/5                               "Gryphon" (text)

                                    Introduction to writing about fiction

                                    The thesis statement

                                    Assign focus paper

                                    JE (How would the story be different if it were told                                     from a different point of view?)


2/12                             "A&P" (text)

                                    "Boys and Girls" (text)

                                    JE (What does the story suggest about the author's attitude toward parental roles?)

                                    Introduction to writing about poetry

                                    Focus paper 1 due (Briefly describe and explain why one aspect of the central character makes the character unique and memorable.)

                                    Assign Essay 1 (What "shock of recognition" about human experience does the author portray?)                                 


2/19                                "My Papa's Waltz" (text)

                                       "My Father's Wars" (text)

                                       "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night" (text)

                                       JE (How does an image in the poem portray the speaker's attitude toward his or her parent?)



2/26                                Draft of Essay 1 due (Peer Reading)

                                      "Everyday Use" (text)

                                      "The Yellow Wallpaper"

                                       Assign Essay 2 (In these stories expressing the theme of imprisonment, compare or contrast how each protagonist "frees" herself.)

                                      JE [What emotion did you experience (as a reader) directly related to the setting of the story? Why?]



3/5                                Essay 1 due

                                     Trifles (text); tape ("A Jury of Her Peers")

                                     Assign focus paper                                                                                                      

                                     JE (Why is it ironic that Mrs. Peters is the one who must make a crucial decision?)        



3/12                               "The Lottery" (text)

                                        Essay 2 due

                                      "Traveling Through the Dark" (text)

                                       "Dulce Et Decorum Est" (text)

                                       "The Man He Killed" (text) 


                                        Assign Essay 3 (How does the author you choose express the theme of moral the difficulty of making moral choices?)

                                        Assign focus paper

                                        JE  (Open)



3/19                               Introduction to writing about drama

                                      Draft of Essay 3 due (Peer Reading)

                                      Assign Essay 4

                                      Focus paper due



3/26                               SPRING BREAK (COLLEGE CLOSED)



4/2                                 Introduction to research techniques

                                      A Doll's House  (ADH; tape; text)

                                      Essay 3 due



4/9                                Discussion of study questions (ADH )

                                     Web search (ADH)



4/16                             Discussion of study questions (ADH)

                                     Thesis statement approval (Essay 4)             



4/23                             Draft of works cited due for approval (Essay 4)

                                     Draft of introduction due for approval (Essay 4)



4/30                              Introduction  due (Essay 4)

                                     Works cited due (Essay 4)


5/7                                Essay 4 workshop; final conferences

                                     Instructions on submitting portfolios 



5/14                              Last day of class

                                     PORTFOLIOS DUE