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Course Description

This course introduces principles of geography as a spatial science in a study of world regions. After a survey of basic physical and human population characteristics of Earth, the essentials, i.e., environmental, historical, political, economic, and cultural components are synthesized into a regional framework generating distinctive realms, e.g., Subsaharan Africa, Middle America, and East Asia. Students are encouraged to explore selected realms via the vast resources of The Internet. (3 credits)

General Information

A “generic” syllabus, outlining general course content and course requirements for this course, is may be viewed on the "Syllabus" page. Prospective students may find this general document of interest.

For specific course information, i.e., syllabus, exam dates, handouts, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, and project due dates, please login at the College's "Blackboard" web site (note link above and to the right).