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Course Description

Information technology is a contemporary introduction to hardware and software systems designed to organize and communicate information electronically. Technological advances are the "norm," thus course content necessarily changes each semester. Although core concepts such as hardware, software, basic networking, communication, privacy issues, security, ergonomics, accessibility, and legal issues are always presented, new threads are continually pursued. Time is a also devoted to facilitating development of your computer use skills, i.e., working with component software, especially word processing and worksheets, in both a laboratory setting and online. A prime outcome for the course is learning skills that you will use throughtout your life, that benefits you as an individual, a professional, and a citizen. (3 credits)

Prerequisite: Acceptable reading level on the College's placement test. Three hours lecture, with an open computer lab for hands-on use of application software. Also offered online and as an Honors course.

Considerable work "outside" of class either at home or on campus is requisite.

General Information

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Spring 2013 Syllabus

Spring 2013 Course Calendar

Spring 2013 First Assignment

Please view a “generic” syllabus outlining general course content and course requirements. Note that each instructor of this course has "latitude" in assigning activities, projects, and point totals; however, prospective students may find this general document of interest.

For specific course information, i.e., syllabus, exam dates, handouts, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, and project due dates, please login at the College's "Blackboard" website (note link above and to the right).

Blackboard access is essential. The site is our dominant "community" center.