PARALEGAL 151 - Introduction to Law for Paralegals  

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Welcome!  This is the place to start your course and to return often for information.    We have been given a lot of assistance in putting the program together and will continue to have expert help if we run into problems as we negotiate through the internet this semester.  I am excited about this relatively new way of learning and hope you are as well.  We should have an enjoyable Semester and I hope you will not hesitate to email me if you have problems that you and your fellow students cannot work out.  Please remember, HOWEVER, that I am suppose to be a last result to be used only if you cannot do the work on your own and turning to your fellow students didn't help.  It also important to remember to backup all your work and to have a hard copy of your work before you enter it into the program.  Sometimes the internet will jump up and bit you in the middle of your entering your work.  Don't take a chance of loosing your valuable time and effort BACKUP ALL WORK!!! MAKE A HARD COPY FIRST!!!    
Course Description: The course will cover the first thirteen chapters of the text West's PARALEGAL TODAY The Legal Team At Work Second Edition by Roger LeRoy Miller and Mary Meinzinger Urisko.  The last three chapters contain important materials best covered in later courses.  First we will look at the paralegal profession and see how it is emerging into a growing and necessary part of the legal profession.  We will see where paralegals fit in the practice of law and the law office.  Next we will look at the law itself, where does law originate and how is it amended.  We will briefly look at various  types of substantive law and also briefly review procedural law.  We will follow a case from the time the client first walks through the office door until the appellate courts make a final ruling.   During this long trip we will concentrate on the paralegals role in the process.  The course will be centered around the text but will include research time spent on the internet, and working closely with your fellow students.       
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After you've looked at the material, you may wish to send me an email message to ask questions or make comments.  Good luck and I look forward to learning with you during our course!

Professor Robert H. Mason