Prince George's Community College

Dr. Mimi Bres


Professor, Department of Biological Sciences

Chesapeake Hall 210-G

(301) 322-0153

I've always been interested in biology and the environment since I was a little girl picking up shells on the beach - so of course, I became a biologist with a specialty in marine ecosystems!  My field research has been centered around environmental management and animal behavior. I've studied a variety of animals in the wild and in captivity, from gorillas to sharks and barracuda.  I spent several years working for New England Aquarium in Boston and the National Zoo in Washington, DC.


Nowadays, I spend my time concentrating on teaching, writing textbooks, making videos, and trying to think up ways to make learning easier and more interesting for my students.


For example, I produced a program about osprey research on the Chesapeake Bay. (Osprey are large eagle-like birds that nest and raise their young on the Chesapeake Bay. They catch fish in the shallow Bay waters. The DVD will become part of a curriculum module for distance learners. I've also published several laboratory manuals and a book with cooperative learning activities for general biology students - you'll definitely experience some cooperative learning in my classes!


I also work as a consultant to corporations and government agencies. For example, I served as a team leader and developer for EPA's Environmental Education Library, a series of video curriculum modules for college and high school classes which highlight hazardous chemical response and remediation projects carried out under the SuperFund Program. Twenty-one modules were developed. Using a case study approach, each module is designed to help students discover how science and technology are used to address real-world problems associated with the remediation of hazardous materials.


I've been teaching college students for more than 20 years, but I never get tired of sharing my enjoyment of science with my students.. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better in class. 


Best wishes,


Dr. M. Bres