Professor Leslie A. Redwine

  MAT 137      
Leslie Redwine
Associate Professor & Chair
Department of  Mathematics

Contact Information:

Office:  Marlboro #3042
Telephone: 301-322-0421
Office Hours:
MWF 10:00-11:00 a.m.
or by appointment

Leslie A. Redwine was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her early life was spent living in such varied places as Puerto Rico and Toronto, Canada and San Rafael, California, where she grew up. Leslie earned her bachelor of arts degree in mathematics from Sonoma State University and her master of arts degree in mathematics from Louisiana State University.

In 1992 after receiving her masters degree, she accepted a position at LSU, teaching mathematics, where she received two teaching awards. Leslie moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 1995 where she taught mathematics at the State University of West Georgia. She was named Professor of the Year in 1997. Currently, Leslie is Associate Professor of Mathematics and Chair of the Department of Mathematics at Prince George's Community College.

In addition to her work as a professor, she has given numerous talks and presentations around the country. She was recognized in 2002 for her work on the Building Learning with Technology project that was funded by the U.S. Department of Education and had participants at University of Maryland, Prince George's County Public Schools, and Prince George's Community College. She presented her work on Project Based Learning and Aids to the Association of Faculty for the Advancement of Community College Teaching in January 2003. From 2002-2004, Leslie worked on a two-year exploratory grant, funded by the Ford Foundation. This project was a collaboration between University of Maryland, Prince George's Community College, and Prince George's County Public Schools that sought to explore the use of intergroup dialogue in the classroom.