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    Associate Professor:
    Julius L. Mock


    CIS Department:
    Computer Literacy,
    Introduction to the PC

    Spring Semester, 2013


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Biographical Information

Contact Information

Biographical Information

In total, I have a 35- year background in Information Technology. Over 15 of the 35 years were spent as a systems analyst in the development of large-scale, multi-million dollar financial systems.
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Business Information

  • Job Title: Director of Adminstrative Services(Retired)/Associate Professor
  • Key responsibilities: Human Resources, Small Businesses, Labor Relations, Space, Budget, Training

PGCC - In the Federal Government(Gov). I was on the staff of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) as the Director of Administrative Services.
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Current Business Projects

In my former position as Director of Administrative Services, I had responsibility for the successful execution of all administrative services within the office. The responsiblities had both a national and a local focus. I managed a a multi million dollar budget. To assist me with this effort I had a staff of twelve (12) working with me to carry out these responsibilites. 

I also worked at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in information engineering as a systems analyst. I am also a Viet Nam Era Veteran .
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Personal Interests

I am a very active guy. I workout at the gym 3 times a week and in the summer I am an avid tennis player. I play in both league and in USTA tournaments. --- Received an "Outstanding Service" Award from President William (Bill) Clinton for volunteer work in the White House's Correspondence Unit.
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Contact Information
Electronic mail address:
Office phone: 301-980-1932

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