Welcome to the Web!

In this class you'll learn the basics about creating your own Web page. You'll practice using Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and you'll also explore ways to make your Web pages stand out.

You will have a chance to practice in class tonight.

Are you ready?

Let's do it!


First, the rules for creating web pages

This is a display of how you can change the color and font size of text!

This is italicized text

This is emphasized text, often displayed as italic.

This is bold text

This is a quotation using blockquote - "I have a dream!"(notice the indentation)

This is preformatted text - it tells the browser not to automatically 
rearrange or format the text --notice the different font of this text

This displays special characters on the screen - <(less than), >(greater than), &(ampersand).

    Ordered or Numbered List
  1. list item number one
  2. list item number two
  3. list item number three

Unordered or Bulleted List

Descriptive or Indented List
descriptive title one
descriptive definition for title one
descriptive title two
descriptive definition for title two
descriptive title three
descriptive definition for title three

Here I used the term "HREF" to create a hyperlink Prince Georges Community College

I used the "IMG SRC" tag to display this image and align the text with the middle of the picture.

You can make comments to yourself in your web page by using tags.

Link to another page I created