This is a picture of Ms. Bennett

My goals:

I already took same course.So I am overwhelming about this course. I will do improve my knowlege of this class. I am expecting to pass above C grade to get this degree.

My goal of the course to pass the class. I am continuing to learn more about web design. I still understand what to do. I expect to get have a good motivation of this class. I hope I can make it through the semster. I would like to set up my homepage in the future. So I may be working as web designer when I get this degree. I want to learn deep details

I am hoping that I want to complete the class at end of the semester to get a degree. I felt that I am taking a course to get experiences how to become a web designer.I learned alot things from my teacher. I choose this course to have a better understanding than my school.

I would be feel good to help others. Because i already took it before My life would be sucessfule to work as designer in the future.

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