To find out which on-line sections I will be teaching, you should go to Owl Link, the college registration website.

I do not conduct an orientation for my class.  However, if you are unfamiliar with distance learning or if this is your first time taking an on-line course at PGCC, you will want to attend the general Orientation that occurs a day or two before classes begin. 

Most individuals find this course extremely rewarding since it not only helps to fill a college course requirement but it also teaches students how to develop life-long healthy eating habits.  In addition, nutrition topics are among the top news stories today.  We will be sorting out fact from fiction.  You will become a valuable resource for your family, friends, and colleagues!

If this is your first time taking an on-line course, you will want to visit PGCC's eLearning website and find out if  eLearning is right for you.  Each on-line course you take will be different and your job will be to learn what each instructor requires of you.

Advantages of taking a course on-line include convenience (you can work just about anytime you want), independent learning (you can work alone and at your own pace), anonymity (absence of prejudice based on your age, gender, race, or appearance), and a way to really connect with your classmates (because everyone must participate).

Disadvantages of taking an on-line course include independence (there is no one to remind you of work you need to complete), loneliness (absence of human contact), the course is geared toward visual learners (you hands-on and auditory types will be at a disadvantage), and more time is usually spent learning independently rather than in a traditional lecture course (your instructor nor your classmates can "show" you how).  

Some are not suited for the on-line environment so be sure you are considering what is BEST for YOU and not just convenience factors.

Finally, many underestimate the time commitment this course involves.  Do not over-extend yourself - either professionally, personally, or academically in other ventures.  I will not be able to "bail you out" once you discover this for yourself in the middle of the semester.  Give yourself plenty of time for serious study and reflection.   

You need one resources for this course:

The textbook we are currently using is Nutrition Concepts and Controversies, 12 edition, by Sizer and Whitney. 

A hard copy of the 12th edition can be purchased at the PGCC bookstore

Another option is to purchase the textbook as an e-book which means it is only available as an online text.  You can also purchase each individual chapter and since we are not going to use all the chapters, it probably is a cheaper alternative.  Go to this website below and in the "search" box, type in the name of the textbook.  You will see all the options.  Just ensure that you are able to obtain a textbook and the diet analysis code card in a timely manner as they will be needed the first week of classes.

All of my course materials can be found at Blackboard, my course management system.  You will need to obtain a myPGCC account to log-on to Blackboard and you must be registered.

You can begin logging on to Blackboard a few days before each semester begins.  Once you log-on, you'll be able to access all course materials including the syllabus. 

Please contact me if you have any concerns or questions.