ENT 171,172  Work Submission Policies


All coursework is to be submitted in keeping with the course outline deadlines.. When the syllabus indicates that particular work is assigned for a given week,  the coursework  is  DUE THAT WEEK. Projects, computer assignments, and other additional assignments not specified on the syllabus will be distributed during class and your instructor will specify the due date at that time. It is your responsibility to obtain all assignments from the instructor and complete them before the due date.


ALL assignments must be done in PENCIL. They must be neat and they must include your name and your instructor's name (printed neatly). Carefully remove the assigned pages from each book. Each  Homework  Chapter from the Homework book and each Laboratory Experiment from the Lab book must be STAPLED SEPARATELY in the upper left comer.  DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR ENTIRE Homework or Lab book. Submit all coursework (except Exams and quizzes) to  your instructor.


NO PHOTOCOPIES OF ANY ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR ANY REASON! This violates copyrights and will not be tolerated. You are expected to purchase your own books and not swap or share books. This is your career and you should treat this course seriously and with respect. You may photocopy an assignment for your own temporary use (to study from) but only ORIGINAL PAGES from the homework & lab books will be accepted for grade. If you accidentally deface or destroy a lab experiment or homework chapter, see your instructor for a replacement copy-  DO NOT SUBMIT PHOTOCOPIES.


It is your responsibility to CORRECT your own HOMEWORK - BEFORE YOU SUBMIT IT FOR A GRADE. The homework solution manual is in the L210 Lab. After you have completed your homework  you are required to check each question's solution against the solution manual during the L210 OPENLAB hours each week. You cannot remove the solution book from the L210 lab. Any incorrect answers will require you to figure out what you did incorrectly— and get help from the instructor on duty to fully understand each question. Then you will neatly erase your incorrect answer and print in the correct solution in PENCIL. Match the size of your printing to the available size allotted for each question. DO NOT ATTACH SEPARATE SHEETS OF PAPER unless instructed to do so. The solution book shows the degree to which you MUST SHOW WORK for each question. Your solution must not be copied from the solution book (considered cheating). The solution book is there to give you immediate feedback about how you are doing, not as a "crutch". Neatly PRINT your name and the name of your instructor on each assignment (where indicated). Staple each chapter's homework separately, then turn it in to your instructor before the due date (end of the week assigned).




It is vital for your success in this course that you submit coursework in a timely manner adhering to course deadlines. If you do not, it is a good indicator that you will not pass this course... To insure compliance the following late penalties will be imposed:


Homework, Laboratory, projects & computer assignments-— 50% reduction in grade

Major Exam —— 10% per week late (without prior approval)

Pop Quizzes during class time each week— NO MAKEUP


If you become ill and/or must travel out of town for work, etc., and will miss an assignment deadline— it is your responsibility to contact your instructor ASAP BEFORE THE DUE DATE and notify of your situation. You can leave a voicemail message. Call the instructor directly—not the Department Office or other College offices. You should submit work in advance for work related travel and other absences known in advance.