Prince George’s Community College
NASA Goddard/PGCC Space Technology Institute
Quality Assurance Option

ENT 186 Quality Assurance I.    3 College credits

Fundamentals of Quality

This course emphasizes the fundamental quality principles, and the "tools of quality." Extensive utilization of case studies and personalized implementation of quality concepts applied to product, job, and business. Support of Six Sigma quality ("Green Belt" level). Three class hours/week for 15 weeks.

Note: ENT 186 is part of the core Quality curriculum sequence of courses. The sequence serves both as preparation for ASQ professional certification, and towards a degree. The other courses in the core sequence are ENT 171, ENT 192, ENT 201 and ENT 202. Refer to the college catalog for the complete list of degree requirements.

Textbook: Practical Tools for Continuous Improvement, Vol 1 & 2. PQ Systems publishing.

ISBN 1-882683-06-4, and 1-882683-05-6

Main Largo campus.

PGCC main campus, Bladen Hall. 301 Largo Road, Largo, MD (301) 322-0819

College Contact:

Professor Charles Hendrickson, CQE
(301) 322-0760. PG College Engineering
Faculty member. Email at

Joe Ludford, CQE, CRE, CSQE, CQM
(301) 843-3087. Joe is on the executive board of the Washington DC chapter of the American Society for. Quality (ASQ), and is the owner and principal consultant of White Hart Associates. Joe has a distinguished teaching background. Email at

Major Topics To Be Covered:
Fundamentals of Quality

Additional Topics- detailed objectives