ENT 220  High-Reliability Soldering and Fabrication. 


Study and hands-on application of high-reliability soldering/fabrication standards & practices. Survey of NASA standards. Taught by a  NASA certified instructor at the local  NASA  certified facility in Lanham, MD. Topics include: hand soldering skills, cable assembly and fabrication techniques, automated wave-soldering, surface-mount technology, and preparation and termination of  fiber-optic cabling.  Prerequisites: Completion of ENT 171. 1 class/ 2 lab hours (open lab format).  2 Cr 


This course will consist of both classroom lecture and hands-on practice (open-lab format), for each of the five elements of high-reliability soldering and fabrication listed below.


I.  Hand soldering.

1. Component part preparation

2. Component lead-forming, and the mounting of terminals onto PC boards

3. Component and assembly stress relief considerations/procedures

4. Electronic circuit board (PC board) preparation. This will include  “baking” and “cleaning”.

5. Solder science theory and practices (low-temp, indium, high-temp alloy, etc.)

6. Hands-on skills training to conform to stringent  NASA quality standards/practices.

7. Conformal coatings

8. Quality control and inspection issues


II.  Cable Assembly/Fabrication Techniques.

1. Coaxial cabling and termination

2. Multi-pin assemblies

3. Proper crimping techniques and procedures

4. Electrical and mechanical assembly of wiring harnesses.

5. Quality control and inspection procedures


III.  Automated  Processes.

1. Wave soldering fundamentals

2. PC board preparation

3. Techniques, procedures, criteria/applicability

4. Quality control and assurance practices (applied control charts)


IV.  Surface Mount Technology.

1. PC board preparation

2. Component part selection criteria

3. Component part preparation

4. Profiling

5. Quality control and assurance practices (applied control charts)


V. Fiber Optics.

Proper termination of  fiber-optic cables. To include connector/cable preparation and assembly techniques.