“Walking Eagle” by Dipo Kalejaiye


When I am not flying

I am a walking eagle

Flying is for cowards

I face adversity

With walking

I am an orator

Watch me say: Nuhekila

That intangible word

Everyone muses about

What is it anyway?

Haven’t they heard my oratory?

Good enough to make MLK

Wish he were back here

Singing:” We shall overcome”

By my house

In the middle of

Chocolate city.



So the Indian Chief crowned me

Never mind what I am





What does it matter?

I am a knight

Even at night

When I fight

The skies are bright

But there is no light

Only fright

And blood


And bright

Like daylight


My shining armor

Blinds them

In Mesopotamia

Where they have learned

To hide the bearded one

With feline eyes

High up in the mountains

Or disguise him

In a burqah

I’m different

From the bearded one

I’m clean shaven

I can walk and chew gum

And I didn’t stumble into Austria.

I’m a walking eagle

I do not moonwalk

I eagle walk

On Earth

To confound

My detractors.