Brown Bag

Spring 2005 Contents

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From Featured Writer Lloyd Shaw: "Park Attendant" and

"Meeting My Father at My Mother's Grave: A Villanelle"


"Dear America" by Chris Martin


"Tsunami" by Jerry Julius


"Thirteen Thousand Feet" by Steve Mandes


"Cheney at Starbucks" by Mike Gavin


"Walking Eagle" by Dipo Kalejaiye


"Ars Poetica" by Jerry Julius


"Relentless Destiny" by Tracey Hill


"La Cancion de Ivonne" by Robert Goldberg


"Epic" by Mike Gavin


"Adopted Like Me" by Jason Dickens


"On Being and Becoming" by Jerry Julius


"20 Years" by Chris Martin


"Too Much Love" by Tracey Hill


"My Purpose" by Ethesham Zafar


"Neruda in Indiana" by Mike Gavin


"The Last Gig" by Jerry Julius






"The Parrot" by Dipo Kalejaiye


Swimming Pool, serial installments

1 and 2 by Jeffrey Snodgrass

(requires Adobe Acrobat Reader - click here for free download)


"The Wasting" by Steve Mandes






from "The Diva Chronicles" by Veronica Williams 


"Phantom Balls" by Ryna May




 Visual Arts



Where the Roads Meet by Tremaine Sterling


Tornado by Troy Henderson


Flower Study: Rose by Mahbub Jamal


Cityscape by Tremaine Sterling


Wrong Turn by Heather Dixon


Pollination by Mahbub Jamal


Landline by Tremaine Sterling


Food Coloring by Troy Henderson


Crimson Starburst by Mahbub Jamal


Wet Sprocket by Tremaine Sterling


Sweet Perspiration by Mahbub Jamal


Fish Out Of Water by Tremaine Sterling


Solar Flare by Mahbub Jamal


On the Road by Tremaine Sterling


Violet Fan by Mahbub Jamal


Lazy Geometry by Tremaine Sterling