“Relentless Destiny” by Tracey Hill


Long ago in a land far away a cry from my heart
Yea, from my very soul went out into the night
Pleading for companion with whom to share my plight

Across time and space through heat and cold and wind and rain
I sent a plea to a faceless heart to help heal the pain
Of being a woman alone

A blind appeal to arms unknown
To hold me when the weight of the world has overgrown my feminine hands
Then, and only then, will I require the strength of a man

Ascending to heaven did so my prayer
For the nameless soul with the capacity to love and shield my already
fragile heart
From the emotional cold
A petition went out for the heart and mind with whom my fate is intertwined

Through heartbreak and grief of love found, then lost
Destiny struggles to reassert itself despite extensive cost

This day my heart was blessed to discover it was for you, my Father, I
For inasmuch as God has brought us together today, in this moment,
Destiny is reached