by Maboud “E” Ebrahimzadeh


Clips and phrases familiar faces

From all different places, races

A celestial soup, double looped

Around my world, chicken coup

From crazy to lazy daisy

Pretty daisy petals so mazy

Compulsive and violent, silent violet

Whispering violin, viola, basket bin

Cardboard tree paper added ink

Word won’t link, writing thinks

Connecting chain channeled a chunnel

Light escaping, smoky chimney tunnel

Muddled funnel lost thoughts concrete

Images swept left so meet

Sitting listening song no sound

Going goes gone go found

Frowned downtown down to town

Crowned hound, mounded confounded clown

Mind makes everything exist in

Shards, dream, yards of cards

Swimming, stuck tub lard hard

Shattered tattered clattering bruised battered

Stinging, flattered not now mattered

Stand alone, thrown broken sewn

Shown ways that light shone

Telephone off the hook shook

Looked stoop took nook book

Read again revise not eyes

Lies easel weasel weak ties

Tearing bonds, splitting rhymes kill

Poetically annihilated, anticipated, next will

Fire blossom floating ball fly

Sky tired blue dark shy

Why When Who What How?

Where This That When? Now.

Dream Live Love Always Go.

Exist Resist Subsist Fade, No.

Never ever forever clever past

Who could ever outlast thought.