Jerry Julius (aka, Jerome D. Julius) is a retired Lt. Colonel (USAF, October, 1972) and a retired civil servant (Meritorious Senior Executive, 1989). Since retiring, he has attended Prince Georges Community College studying the Humanities. There was no time to study them while earning his other degrees (Bachelors in Engineering from the Johns Hopkins University and Masters of Science in Mathematics from the US Naval Postgraduate School). He is a frequent contributor to Reflections magazine. He is a former member of the Library Board of the Prince Georges County Memorial Library System. He has an eclectic taste in music, but jazz is his first love followed closely by opera.

          Mary Julius is also using her retirement to continue learning. Holder of a BA (English) from University of MD and an Associates Degree (Nursing) from PGCC, she is combining a life-long love of English and  the opportunity to sample other areas of study in her selection of courses. Her previous (work-related) writing emphasized clarity and precision; “Renga” is her first attempt at creative writing. With her husband’s encouragement, she is considering attempting to write an autobiography. She enjoys reading, music, gourmet cooking and needlework.