Brown Bag

Fall 2005 Contents

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Jerry and Mary Julius




From Featured Writers Jerry and Mary Julius: "Renga"

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"After Your Father Left" by Dwayne Betts


"Your Quiet Whispers" by Rebecca Berg


"Listening to the Poet Seamus Heaney" by Dipo Kalejaiye


"What's in a Name?" by Elizabeth Matthews


"When I Write" by Mignon Middleton


"Dear Rosa" by Janet Henry


"About Her" by Shannon Townsend


"Funeral" by Maboud Ebrahimzadeh


"Weeping Widow" by Chantelle Bateman


"Once Down" by Bonnie Howard


"Fridge Magnet" by Mary Bargteil


"Thought" by Maboud Ebrahimzadeh


"A Different Route" by Dwayne Betts


"To Robert Louis Stevenson" by Rebecca Berg


"Diamonds" by Melanie Carr


"Boston" by Bonnie Howard


"Tick, Tick, Tick" by Sharee Holbrook


"District Officer" by Dipo Kalejaiye






An Excerpt from "Copy Cat" a play by Dipo Kalejaiye


Swimming Pool, serial installments

3 and 4 by Jeffrey Snodgrass

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"Unthreaded" by Mary Bargteil






 "The Things Your Mother Didn't Tell You" by Veronica Williams 


"Seasons of Perfection" by Ryna May


Excerpt from "A Letter to Pa Llese" by Dipo Kalejaiye


"A Mid-Semester Afternoon's Nightmare" by Robyn Jones






 Visual Arts


Weightless by Erin Eitemiller


Testing the Water by Chantelle Bateman


Flower Study by Mahbub Jamal


Bowl: Top View by William Peirce


Forsaken by Erin Eitemiller


Predator by Mahbub Jamal


Chocolate Looking at Itself by Ryna May