“Dear America” by Chris Martin


Lil’dog is misunderstood
Now follow me 
He's as nice as he could be 
with his roots in the dirt
but in his shoes if you stood
you'd really see the truth
with his hands deep in the mud
he would pop heat faster than the most unremorseful
And you wonder when you ask him if he cares, hmph..
cause for the ignorant to street life, he has no love
they can't begin to fathom what he has seen
boys gettin knifed and losing more than blood
or drivebys done in  mid day without warning, or care
too bad I'm not from rich America, where it's so peaceful and serene
but I gotta tell it how it is
the disregard, the hatred, the pain, is as much mine 
as it is the next killer
and the loneliness ain’t helping
so utterly misunderstood it only quickens my heart’s coldness
cause lack of love and affection only hinders its growth
but if this continues, I might have to take the devil's oath.