The obvious question is: What is Brown Bag?


Brown Bag is the new online creative arts journal sponsored by the English Department.  The best submissions from students, faculty, and staff will be published in our online forum at the end of each fall and spring semester. 


Why is it called Brown Bag?


The name is simple and non-threatening and not self-consciously “artistic.” However, it is symbolic.  The name represents the idea of diverse similitude. Though we live in an increasingly diverse society, there is much about our lives that is the same.  We hope our submissions will express our similarities and differences.


Why is it only on the web?


Electronic publishing is progressive and accessible.  The e-journal format allows us to reach a wider audience than a traditional print version.


When is the next issue?


The next issue will be published near the end of the Fall 2005 semester. 


How can I submit?


Even though the spring edition has just been published, we are already accepting submissions for the next issue.  You can submit to Brown Bag by sending an electronic version of your poem, story, essay, memoir, or artwork to  Be sure and put the words "Brown Bag Submission" in your heading.


Can I contact the writers and artists?


If you'd like to contact one of the writers or artists published in Brown Bag, please send us an email to and we will happily forward your questions and information.