ďAdopted Like MeĒ by Jason Dickens


All I really want are parents whoíll love me,

but donít get me wrong:

the ones I got are great.

But I really need my real mother in my life.

I need my real father to give me advice.

I want real parents

who wonít leave me and

will always remember

that Iím their greatest work of art.

The parents I have now treat me right,

they love me and I donít ever want.

But Iím lonely just because I know.


They died in a car crash when I was two.

But I have people to hold me up.

and I need them, but I

want to know who I really am,

for I feel as if you canít see

the other side of me.


Iíll never forget,

what you did for me

when you took me in,

but I want you to see me.