“20 Years” by Chris Martin


20 years strong;
20 years endured;
hmph, feels like I've been dreamin that these 20 years have passed;
20 years being faced with right and wrong;
20 years to decide if I should quit…
20 years to witness more than should be…
20 years to dream about a life, so peaceful and serene;
20 years to see the beginning of what life has to offer;
20 years of unparalled rage to seal up for an unpredictable amount of time; 
20 years to get to know and love those brothers from Twitty;
20 years knowing like i need them, we all gonna shine;
20 years walking in these cement filled shoes;
20 years of living a life only as bad as made up in stories;
20 years meeting 20,000 people along the way;
20 years subtracted by 15, that's 5 years my two brothers been gone;
20 years of trial and error at this thing called life;
And hopefully, 20 years multiplied by 4 is how much more time i have to
get it right...
(Thank you Lord)