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The understanding of a variety of numerical methods is crucial to solving most high-level applications in engineering, physics, chemistry, and biology. This course, recognizing this fact, emphasizes case studies in a number of areas including mechanical, civil, environmental, electrical, aerospace, chemical, and biological engineering. Subjects to be studied include error analysis, roots of non-linear equations, solving systems of linear equations, eigenvalues, eigenvectors, and eigenfunctions, optimization, curve fitting including splines, Fourier analysis, modeling, numerical differentiation and integration, and numerical solving of differential equations including, but not limited to, predictor-corrector methods and finite element analysis. Extensive surveys of a number of advanced subjects include digital filters, molecular dynamics, percolation, and Monte Carlo simulation methods.

Some new mathematical concepts will be introduced in the class. A number of software packages and languages important to engineering are surveyed with primary emphasis on mastering one high-level language such as MATLAB, C, or Fortran.

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