Prince George's Community College: EGR 2450: Electronic and Digital Circuit Laboratory

Course Description:

Introduction to basic circuit measurement techniques and laboratory equipment (DMM, analog and digital oscilloscope, power supply, function generator, Digital Logic Analyzers) including the limitations and inaccuracies inherent in any measurement device. Design, construction and performance measurement of circuits containing passive elements, digital logic circuits, transformers, diodes and operational amplifiers. In addition, simulation tools to design circuits and to analyze performance will be used extending work performed in digital logic design and circuit analysis.

Knowledge of both steady state response and transient response is required for a number of experiments.

Extensive analysis will be demonstrated in both laboratory books and laboratory reports. Knowledge of statistical analysis as well as other methods of analysis will be required in this class.

Prerequisite: EGR 2440
Corequisite: EGR 2030 or permission of instructor (in special circumstances)
1 class/3 lab hrs.


Required Book:
Practical Electronics for Inventors 2nd Edition.  Scherz, Paul  McGraw-Hill (2007). Closes replacement for the out-of-print classic "Electronic Components and Measurements" by Wedlock and Roberge (1969). This new book misses instructions on how to do a laboratory journal, but those instructions are on this web site in EGR 1010.
Experimental Manual to Accompany Digital Electronics: Principles and Applications w/MultiSim CD ROM 7th Edition.  Tokheim, Roger L.  McGraw-Hill (2008).
Schaum's Outline of Digital Principles 3rd Edition.  Tokheim, Roger L.  McGraw-Hill (1994).
Recommended books (books you should have from previous classes: similar books will do as well):
Fundamentals of Digital Logic with VHDL Design with CD-ROM 2nd Edition.  Brown, Stephen and Vranesic, Zvonko.  McGraw-Hill (2005).
Schaum's Outline of Digital Principles 3rd Edition.  Tokheim, Roger L.  McGraw-Hill (1994).
Principles and Applications of Electrical Engineering 5th Edition.  Rizzoni, Giorgio.  McGraw-Hill (2007).
Schaum's Outline of Electric Circuits 4th Edition.  Nahvi, Mahmood and Edminister, Joseph A.  McGraw-Hill (2003).
Circuit Analysis Demystified 1st Edition.  McMahon, David   McGraw-Hill (2007).
Pocket Book for Technical Writing for Engineers and Scientists 3rd Edition. Finkelstein, Leo. McGraw-Hill (2007).
MATLAB DeMystified. McMahon, David. McGraw-Hill (2007).

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