Prince George's Community College: EGR 2210: Advanced Engineering Mechanics

Course Description:

Kinematics and kinetics of particles, systems, and bodies. Including topics on work and energy, impulse and momentum, rigid body motion, and rotating bodies. More advance topics will include the systems the general theorems for systems of particles and the inertia tensor.
See below for more details.

Prerequisite: EGR 1010 and EGR 2200
3 credit hours


Required Book:
Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics   Hibbeler.  Prentice Hall
Recommended books:
Schaum's Outline of Engineering Mechanics 5th Edition.  Nelson, Best, McLean  McGraw-Hill (1992).

Subject matter covered in class:

Chapter 12 Kinematics Chapter 13 Force: Forces, velocities, accelerations, relative velocities, relative accelerations in Chapter 16 Rigid Body Motion Chapter 14 Work and Energy Chapter 15 Impulse and Momentum Chapter 17 Rigid body Motion; Forces and Acceleration; Rotating Bodies