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5/5/05 Asst. Project Managers/Asst. Superintendents/Project Engineers Gilbane Building Co  7901 Sandy Spring Road, Suite 500 Laurel, Md 20707  Phone: (301) 317-6100 POC:  Tom Wenger.  They are a very good old line contractor. Probably in business for 80 years or more. They do both General Contracting and Construction Management.   Will Train.
4/1/05 Entry Level Supervisor McHale Landscape Design.  Entry Level Supervisor.  6212 Leapley Road  Upper Marlboro, Md. 20772 
: (301) 599-8300. They do landscape work directly for Owners. Do not work as a subcontractor to a General Contractor. POC:Sally Barker
3/25/05 Asst. Project Managers High Quality/Historic General Contractor 
MONARC CONSTRUCTION 2781 Hartland Road Falls Church, VA 22043 POC: John Bellingham, Pres. 
: (703- 641-8500 Fax: 703-641-8504
3/24/05 POSSIBLE INTERNSHIP Possible Internship (3 Month Job) as a Project Engineer for Developer/General Contractor.  Siena Corp. POC: George Nash, V.P. Phone: (443) 539- 3072 Fax: (443) 539- 3073 Email: Gnash@sienacorp.com
3/21/05 Various Positions Various positions with the Construction Manager and soon with various contractors for the National Harbor Project (a very large project on the Maryland side of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge) The Peterson Companies 6710 Oxon Hill Road, Suite 300 Oxon Hill, MD 20745 POC: David Kersey Phone: (301) 749-6700 
Website: www.NationalHarbor.com
3/18/05 Asst. Superintendent
Asst. Project Manager
For General Contractor.  Coakley Williams Construction
Gaithersburg, MD POC: Use website. www.Coakleywilliams.com
3/18/05 Asst. Accounts Manager for Bonding Company Centennial Surety
POC: Mike Schendel Phone: (301) 725-1855 ext. 205 
: (301) 725-2453
This is not construction work itself but provides bonding to contractors.
3/18/05 Estimators for Paving/Concrete Company Asphalt General -Beltsville, MD POC: Linda Cahow, Pres. Phone: (301) 937-3900 Fax: (301) 937-3893 Will Train
3/18/05 Asst. Superintendent Asst. Project Manager
Asst. Estimator
Field Engineer for General Contractor
Forrester Construction Company -Rockville, MD POC: Raissa Mallinger Phone: (301) 255- 1772 
: 301- 255-1773 
: www.Forresterconstruction.com
3/18/05 Asst. Estimator
Asst. Project Manager
for Demolition Contractor
ACECO, LLC -Silver Spring, MD POC: Michael Citren, Pres. Phone: (301) 588-0707
7/12/06 Admin. Assistant for General Contractor Atlantic Builders Group, POC Jim Walls
Assistant on jobsite at Prince George's Community College
6/15/06 Assistant Superintendent General Contractor CENTEX Construction, POC Stewart Gill sgill@centexconstruction.com  
8/10/06 Field Supervision for light commercial builder GRD Construction
Great Falls, VA
POC James McBride  (703) 843-8312
10/1/06 Field Supervision for Utilities Contractor FLIPPO Construction, INC
3820 Penn-Belt Place
Forestville, MD 20747
POC Heather Carlock, Recruiter (301) 982-844-



10/1/06 Field Supervision & Foreman For Road & Bridge Contractor American Infrastructure
Greenbelt, MD
(301) 982-8440
POC Robert Kapps