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CSM 114 Electricity  |  3 credits
Fundamentals of electricity, covering devices and components of DC and AC circuits.

CSM 141 Construction Math I  2 credits
Concentrates on everyday construction math. These skills are needed in order to be successful in the construction estimating class.

CST 337 (Non-Credit)

CSM 145 Construction Management  3 credits
Construction contracting and the workings of the construction industry with an emphasis on responsibilities of middle management in a construction project.  

CST 335 (Non-Credit)

CSM 146 Construction Methods & Materials |  3 credits
Introduction to the basic materials and techniques used in the construction of wood, steel, and concrete buildings.
CST 382 (Non-Credit)

CSM 147 Construction Planning & Scheduling | 3 credits
Provides a comprehensive overview and analysis of the requirements and use of planning and scheduling as an effective management tool. Includes the use of Microsoft Project 2000 with special emphasis on the planning process. CST 354 (Non-Credit)

CSM 148 Construction Estimating I  3 credits
Introduction to construction estimating, including its purpose, methods of preparing estimates, types of estimates, and handling of construction trades. Prerequisites- CSM 145, 146, 147, 183.  Construction Math Skill required. 
CST 383 (Non-Credit)

CSM 150 Construction Surveying | 3 credits
A course designed for construction personnel who must implement and lay out a site development plan. Lectures and hands-on field work help the student develop an understanding and use of the builder transit/level in all phases of construction. Recommended: MAT 112.

CSM 151 Residential Construction Management
(Build your own home)| 3 credits
An overview of the process of building your own house from concept through design, finance and construction, to turnover. How to stay in control of the process by understanding your role and responsibilities as the owner.
CST 346 (Non-Credit)

CSM 160 Construction Safety | 3 credits
OSHA policies, procedures, standards, and safety and health principles, including the scope and application of the 29 CFR 1926. Students successfully completing the course will receive OSHA 30-hour construction safety cards.  
CST 311 (Non-Credit)

CSM 163 Electrical Power and Controls | 3 credits
Review of DC and AC circuits. Single-phase and three-phase AC motors, power distribution systems and protection devices. Analysis and troubleshooting of electrical control systems and motor protection devices. Prerequisite: Math placement score or MAT 104.

CSM 176 National Electric Code (NEC)3 credits
Application of the current version of the National Electric Code (NEC), with emphasis on commercial construction.

CSM 183 Construction Print Reading3 credits
Basic construction print reading and interpretation of construction drawings. Emphasis on architectural, structural, mechanical, and site work aspects of working drawings for residences and light commercial construction
CST 345 (Non-Credit)

CSM 185 Construction Quality Control 3 credits
General overview of the contractor’s quality control (QC) as it pertains to each trade on the job. Includes documentation, support, and the interaction between construction and QC. 
CST 339 (Non-Credit)

CSM 186 Construction Codes | 3 credits
Overview of the current version of the International Building Code, with emphasis on commercial construction.
CST 344 (Non-Credit)

CSM 241 Communications and Computers in Construction   | 3 credits
Combines the everyday communications that are a vital part of the construction process with the use of computers as their main tool.

CST 343 (Non-Credit)

CSM 245 Construction Management II   | 3 credits
Contracting requirements of the construction project. Requirements stated in contract documents incorporate the scope of work and terms and conditions between the client and constructor. Course emphasizes the importance of economics and legal ramifications of the project documents. Prerequisite: CSM 145
CST 396 (Non-Credit)

CSM 285 Leadership in Construction | 3 credits
Principles of effective leadership as they apply to the construction industry, both in the field and in the office. Directed to all levels of responsibility from field foreman to upper management. 
CST 317 (Non-Credit)