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Acceptable Use Guidelines

The policies listed below apply to all open computer labs at PGCC main campus and access centers. The open labs provide computing resources for students, staff, faculty, and alumni of PGCC. The open labs also provide limited technical assistance for its users.

1. All users must present a current student, staff, faculty or alumni ID card in order to be able to use the computers.

2. Eating, drinking, smoking, chatting in internet chat rooms, using AOL or any instant messenger software, and the installation of any software onto the computers are strictly prohibited.

3. Only teacher's data files may be copied. All other software is protected by U.S. copyright laws.

4. Children are not allowed in the computer labs.

5. If all computers are being used, then a 30-minute time limit is placed on users.

6. Printers are available in each lab.  Each student is allocated 150 sheets per semester.  

7. The computers are delicate tools and any abuse to them will result in expulsion from the lab.

8. No one is permitted to alter or erase files on the hard drives. The hard drives are periodically erased - save at your own risk. If you must save information on the hard drive, save it in the temp folder.

9. In order to protect the rights of others, students searching on the internet are not allowed to visit pornographic websites. Anyone doing so may be expelled from the lab followed by disciplinary procedures.

10. Removable media such as floppy and zip disks are not available in the computer labs. Students must purchase them elsewhere.

11. Use Virus Scan, provided at the workstation, to check disks brought into the lab before using the disks.