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Acceptable Use Guidelines

General Guidelines that Apply to All Computer-Enabled Areas

All users must read and agree to the following guidelines prior to accessing the technology resources within computer-enabled areas.

  1. Food, beverages and containers are not permitted.

  2. Loud conversations are distracting to other users and will not be permitted.

  3. Children and Guests are not permitted.

  4. Cell/Wireless phone usage is not permitted in Computer-Enabled areas and the ring style should be on a silent or vibrate setting.

  5. Audio devices, such as, but not limited to, iPods and CD/DVD players are permitted in Computer-Enabled areas for College course related material only. Audio through computer speakers is not permitted in open lab areas.

  6. Headsets may be connected to computer systems for audio of College course related material only. The use of headsets will not be permitted for any other reason and should be out of sight, unless the user has communicated special needs through Disability Support Services.

  7. The use of Instant Messenger programs and visiting Chat Rooms are prohibited.

  8. Users are not permitted to install any software applications on the computers (including screensavers, games, Instant Messaging, etc.).

  9. Users are not permitted to alter or change any computer settings.

  10. No game playing of any type. This includes, but not limited to, computer generated and hand held.

  11. Users are not permitted to view pornographic websites or email content.

  12. Users are not permitted to view website or email content that displays weapons of any type, to include, but not limited to, knives, firearms, explosives, and mass destruction, unless doing so in support of specific PGCC class-related educational purposes.

  13. Extended and excessive use of the Internet and E-mail for non-College course related work is unacceptable.

  14. Technology Support Services is NOT responsible for any Information or Data left on the Hard Drive.

  15. Users are encouraged to save their work to personal storage media and not to the hard drive of the computer. Routine cleansing of hard drives cause data to be lost.

  16. Use of laptops at Computer-Enabled workstations is prohibited. Please ask a Technician where the wireless locations are for laptop use.

  17. Utilizing electrical outlets to charge personal equipment, to include, but not limited to, cell phones and hand held devices are prohibited.

  18. Sharing user accounts is not permitted. Users are encouraged to log out of programs, as failure to do so could result in another user accessing their account and making unwanted changes.

  19. Users are not permitted to print more than 20 pages per print job, multiple copies of documents or material that would be considered inappropriate by the Computer-Enabled area personnel or the college administration.

  20. PowerPoint slides should be printed 6 slides per page. This will reduce the amount of paper and toner used to print presentations, while still allowing you to view each slide easily. Please ask a Technician for instructions regarding how to print PowerPoint slides.

  21. Computer-Enabled classrooms must be secured at the end of each class period. Students must not occupy these areas without their instructor present.

  22. Please leave Computer-Enabled areas neat and orderly for other users.

  23. Users are not permitted in STAFF ONLY areas. The telephones in these areas are provided for college staff and faculty only. Users are to access the public telephones located around campus.

  24. The college is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  25. If the fire alarms sound, users are to immediately exit the building via the marked exits. It is not necessary to shut down the computer; however, it is recommended that personal belongings not be left unattended in any area during a fire or other emergency.

  26. When announcements are made indicating close of business, users are to close all programs running on their computers, gather their belongings, and leave the building.

  27. Guidelines are subject to change. Please refer to the revision date at the top of this document.