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Our Mission

The Psychology Collegian Center strives to be a recognized leader in undergraduate education.  It lays a foundation in psychological science for students to understand the biological, psychological and social basis of behavior.  It also prepares collegian students to transfer to four-year institutions.  The Psychology Collegian Center provides educational opportunities for the professional development of students in the areas of mentoring/advising, internships/field/research, and scholarly lectures/seminars/workshops.

Our Vision

The Psychology Collegian Center provides a climate beneficial to the realization of personal academic goals and an environment offering both challenge and inspiration for the student.  The Psychology Collegian Center seeks the recruitment of students and faculty who will be assets to the Centerís goals.

Programmatic Features

As the Psychology Collegian Center continues to develop, our faculty believes in the importance of our SCHOLAR model for our students.  Students are encouraged to follow the model below:

S          Successful Learners

C         Civic Engagement

H         Honor Students

O         Openness to New Experiences

L          Leadership Development

A         Academic Excellence

R          Research Experience

The Discipline Collegian Center shall provide recreational opportunities for emotional support so that the students may build a cohesive group.  The Discipline Collegian Center shall develop partnerships with research institutions, state and county government, the public schools, and community service agencies to create internships that will prepare students for professional careers in their discipline. 

The Discipline Collegian Center will host monthly events for the students in spring 2004.

The Discipline Collegian Center Coordinator has connected with the Transfer Coordinator to allow the collegian students to possibly have a 2-hour allotment with the various colleges/universities.

Psi Beta National Honor Society will be the honors component in the Discipline Collegian Center (3.0 and above grade point average).

The Psychology Club will be the component that includes any psychology major interested in learning more about psychological activities.  The Psychology Club will also reach out to students who have a grade point average below a 3.0 Through the Psychology Club, these collegian students will be encouraged to increase their grade point averages, be exposed to psychological activities, increase interest in psychology, and retain a positive academic status at PGCC.


Dr. Dawn K. Lewis, Assistant Professor, Psychology
Office:  (301) 386-7587
Marlboro Hall 2064

301-336-6000   TDD: 301-322-0122

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