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Our Mission

This program located within the Administration of Justice (Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, and Legal Studies-Paralegal/Pre-Law) instructional department provides more personalized assistance for students in their disciplines.  By offering a unique environment conducive to intellectual, academic, and scholarly pursuits, the Collegian Center fosters cohesiveness and discipline identity among its student members.  The benefits include:
(1) mentoring/advising to students;
(2) internships/research/field experience activities;
(3) scholarly lectures/seminars/workshops;
(4) information concerning transfer opportunities and requirements as well as career fields and required degrees; and
(5) an Honors component.

Membership Criteria

You are eligible to join the Collegian Center if you:
(1) have been admitted to Prince George’s Community College;
(2) declare your program option as Criminal Justice AA or AAS degree, Forensic Science AS or AAS degree, Paralegal Studies AAS degree, or Pre-Law AA degree; and
(3) have a cumulative grade point average of 2.8 or higher, based upon at least 12 and no more than 30 college credits.

To remain a member of the Collegian Center you must:

(1) Attend the reception, or, only under rare circumstances, meet with the coordinator in her office.


(2) Submit documentation that you attended at least three other activities offered.

Programmatic Features

The members of the Collegian Center can select from the following activities:


Donna Gaughan, Associate Professor 
Location: Bladen Hall 208E

Telephone:  301-322-0757

Ray Harris, Professor

Location:  Bladen Hall 208G

Telephone:  301-386-7553

E-Mail: AJCollegianCenter@pgcc.edu