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Our Mission

To help business-oriented students develop their understanding of the corporate and entrepreneurial business environment and their leadership potential through voluntary discipline-specific programs, extra-curricular activities, and academically challenging personal enrichment opportunities.

Our Vision

To be a recognized center of excellence for students taking courses or majoring in business and accounting at Prince George's Community College.  The Bernard center offers opportunities for intellectual, career, and personal growth, through students, faculty, and business leaders working together to achieve new levels of academic and professional success.

Additionally, any current student of Prince George's Community College, who aspires to own a business is welcome to join and participate in Bernard Collegian Center activities.

Program Opportunities include but are not limited to:

Membership to the Junior Chamber of Commerce

Explore career possibilities through internships/research/field

experience opportunities

Attend special lectures/seminars/workshops

Visit professionals at their place of business on field trips

Participate in applied business learning experiences

Qualify for Honors component

Networking opportunities


Kathy L. Yorkshire

Phone:  301-322-0554
Email:  BernardCenter@pgcc.edu




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