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Mission Statement  

The IET department offers quality instruction through comprehensive degree and certificate options in the areas of programming, computer networking, Web technology, and systems engineering/analysis. It also provides opportunities for all students at the college to gain technology fluency through its general education offering, Computer Literacy. IET faculty facilitate innovative learning experiences that equip students with the technical and problem-solving competencies required to obtain employment in the computer industry or continue education at a four-year institution . In addition, the faculty work diligently to create partnerships with local technology employers and are active participants in private and government technology initiatives to ensure currency in both instructional methods and curricula. The department also provides student support mechanisms and dynamic programs that foster retention.


Vision Statement
The IET department will create educational experiences and opportunities for individuals who aspire to secure information technology careers and/or further education by using state-of-the-art equipment using procedures that are updated and will contribute to student success.

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