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welcome to the behavioral social and business studies division

Dr. John Rosicky, Dean

Offices Located in 2008 Marlboro Hall
Teresa Hanson, Administrative Assistant to the Dean


Departments in the Division

Accounting Department
Betty Habershon, Chair
Temporary Services Building T, room 13E
Anthropology, Economics and Sociology Department
Dr. Nelson Kofie, Chair
Marlboro 2054
Business Management Department
Greg Weiss, Chair
Temporary Services Building TO, room 114
Criminal Justice, Forensic Science and Legal Studies
Laura Ellsworth, Chair
Bladen 208F
Education Department
Dr. Pat Basili, Chair
Chesapeake 310E
Early Childhood Education Programs
Dr. Terry Bridger, Coordinator
Marlboro 2054
Psychology Department
Dr. Swazette Young, Chair
Marlboro 2054


Collegian Centers in the Division

Collegian Centers are academically focused student organizations. Collegian Centers provide a locus for students within a discipline where they can receive mentoring, advising, discipline specific activities and opportunities for internships and research. Each Center fosters a unique environment conducive to intellectual, academic and scholarly pursuits. There are three Collegian Centers within the Behavioral, Social and Business Studies Division.

Administration of Justice Collegian Center - focusing on criminal justice, forensic science and law
Bernard Collegian Center - focusing on business management, marketing, accounting, and entrepreneurship
Psychology, Sociology and Education Collegian Center - focusing on academic and professional practice issues in psychology, sociology and education

Hillman Entrepreneurs Program - This scholarship program is a joint effort between Prince Georges Community College and the University of Maryland, College Park with the generous support and guidance of David Hillman, President and CEO of Southern Management Corporation. The program is designed to prepare promising entrepreneurs for their chosen careers. Participants complete a transfer program at Prince Georges Community College and a bachelors degree at University of Maryland College Park.

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