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Mary Brown

Welcome to the Prince George’s Community College BOOK BRIDGE PROJECT. The major purpose of the project continues to be to bring Prince George’s County residents and the college community together in a shared learning experience about contemporary issues.

The Book Bridge Project aims to:

Promote lively dialogue, critical thinking, and writing about literature. This year’s choice   considers the novel as a literary genre.

Foster greater understanding of others’ views and perspectives on local issues and bridge the communication gaps that often exist in a diverse community.

Encourage faculty to develop interdisciplinary approaches to “texts,” and by so doing, develop and improve course offerings across the curriculum.

Improve the retention of students by engaging them in interdisciplinary approaches to education, by offering them co-curricular activities and by providing them greater contact with faculty.

Inspire faculty to develop educational materials and resources that respond to issues in the book. These resources might be distributed to public schools, churches, libraries, fraternities, sororities, literacy groups, and other community groups.

Enhance the articulation between the college and public schools, local businesses, libraries, churches, and other institutions.

Achieve long-term benefits. These might include: enhanced professional development as a function of reading, writing, thinking about, and discussing vital social issues; the development of student services programs that support instructional areas; improved communication between local governmental entities, businesses, churches, and schools; and increased community support of the college and its activities.

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