Beginning spring 2005, two new policies were adopted by the AOAC:

1) Course outcomes are expected to require higher-order thinking of students. If a submitted syllabus seems not to require higher-order thinking, the AOAC will ask the instructor(s) proposing the course to contextualize the outcome s within the discipline.  The AOAC will certify new courses only when the outcomes, based on contextualization, promise to require critical thinking skills of students that can be measured. 


2) If a master syllabus has to be amended to reflect the new directive of requiring higher-order tasks, a department may submit the revised syllabus and the plan simultaneously.  Submission of revised syllabi is required only when assessment for the corresponding course is taking place.


The form for submitting plans has been amended so that departments will identify which questions on the assessment tools measure the outcomes requiring college-level, higher-order thinking tasks. The AOAC will begin to ensure that those outcomes are being measured.


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