Prince George's Community College


Barbara Johnson
Department Chair, Art & Music Department
Courses Taught: Painting, Drawing, Design, Integrated Arts

Barbara Johnson is the Chairman of the Art and Music Department at Prince George's Community College. She has taught all of the foundation courses, studio and lecture and continues to teach, along with performing the administrative duties necessary to keep the department solid. She earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from Catholic University of America, majoring in painting and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Maryland with a concentration in studio art, minoring in art history. She continues to paint and draw in her private studio located in a warehouse in Washington, D.C. She has been there for 22 years and works among a community of artists, 12 in all.

"Teaching art and producing artwork make my life special. I did not originally intend to teach, I wanted only to create art, so I came to teaching through the back-door, but what a joy. Passing my passion onto others, allowing students to participate in the exploration of their own vision is very satisfying. And, having the opportunity to share my ideas about the teaching environment, as I have done as chairman, builds another level of creative thinking to my life's work. Many students believe one is born creative and that may be true. I believe everyone has some area of creativity within their soul, and those of us who are lucky enough to find it, live fulfilled lives. But, it does not come without seeking and hard work. As an educator, I represent the hard work of teaching the skill necessary for the student to create visually. As an artist, I stretch my vision beyond my conscious intentional logic, through the Alice in Wonderland hole, into the realm of the unconscious intuitive logic that allows me to experience the wonder of the unknown in a tangible form. I know this is a bit heavy but the way I feel nonetheless. I love my work".

Michele Bazemore
Professor, Coordinator of Visual Communication
Courses Taught: Graphic Design, Animation, Publication Design, Intro to Computer Graphics, Digital Video

Michele Bazemore received a B.S. degree in Design from Bennett College, earned an M.F.A. from Howard University, and completed two years towards a doctoral degree in Training and Performance. In 1989 she became an instructor at Prince George's Community College, received tenure in 2001, and was promoted to full Professor in 2005. She is an Apple Authorized Trainer for Final Cut Pro 6 Level 1.Professor Bazemore's professional experience includes freelance consulting as well as corporate positions such as Composition Manager, News Graphics Specialist, Senior Designer, and Director of Training. She was a founding partner of Neon Wave Productions - a group specializing in 3D broadcast graphics, fashion photography, and technical animation. Professor Bazemore operates Higher Vision Learning Studio, LLC - a business that provides digital design instruction and workforce training to under served populations. Michele Bazemore uses 3D animation and digital video to create instructional modules and expressive narratives. Her passion is helping people discover and develop their unique gifts and aptitudes.

Thomas Berault
Professor, Director of Marlboro Gallery
Courses Taught: Photography, Digital Photography

88 M. F. A. University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL
Major -- Design-Photography
86-88 School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL
Post-Graduate Study (electives for MFA)
85 B. F. A. School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL
Major -- Photography
83 Certificate of Art Photography, University of California at Berkeley,
University Extension, Berkeley, CA
80-82 California College of Arts and Crafts, Photography, Oakland, CA
81 San Francisco Art Institute, Photography, San Francisco, CA
80 A. A. Prince George's Community College, Largo, MD Major -- Fine Art (Honors)
79 Advanced Photography, US Naval Schools of Photography
Naval Air Station, Pensacola, FL

Marcia Pearl
Assistant Professor, Visual Communication
Courses Taught: Animation & Multimedia I & II, Introduction to Computer Graphics, Introduction to Art, Basic Design

A native of Prince George's County Maryland, Marcia is a graduate of Parsons School of Design in New York City, where she earned a BFA in Communication Design before continuing studies in Distance Learning at the University of Maryland University College. An advocate for art and technology in the classroom, her passion is animation and web design. Among the classes she has taught at PGCC are Intro to Computer Graphics, Animation and Multimedia I and II, African American Art, Digital Imaging, Drawing and Illustration on Computers and Intro to Art. Marcia served for 3 years as an instructor with the PGCC Upward Bound Program where she mentored high school students and taught courses in computer graphics. She works as a free-lance web designer, establishing a client base in New York and the DC Metro area. Marcia also teaches Continuing Education courses - the Adobe Creative Suite at Anne Arundel Community College.

Svetlana Popovic
Professor, Art History
Courses Taught: History of Art, Intro to Art, Contemporary Art

Professor of Art History in the Art and Music Department at Prince George's Community College. She is a distinguished scholar of Byzantine art and architecture with the emphasis on Byzantine monastic architecture. Popovic is a recipient of many grants and awards. She has organized exhibitions, colloquia and numerous panel discussions. Professor Popovic* has lectured in the United States and abroad. She served as a representative to the European Committee for Cultural Heritage at the Council of Europe, Strasbourg, France. Popovic* has published and co-authored four books and numerous articles. Her publications include: The Cross in the Circle. Monastery Architecture in Medieval Serbia, (Belgrade, 1994); The Architectural Iconography of the Late Byzantine Monastery, Canadian Institute of Balkan Studies, (Toronto, 1997); Naupara, vol. 1 of the Corpus of Late Medieval Architecture of Serbia, 1355-1459 (Belgrade, 2001)

Sarah Wegner
Associate Professor
Courses Taught: Sculpture, Basic Design

Body image, identity, ageing, physical and emotional pain are some of the themes that run throughout my work. The pieces are meant to interact with one another and, as a body of work, suggest the passage of time through the deepening of the patinas and rust on earlier pieces compared to the more recent work. My work functions as a diary. In the course of their creation, however, each piece takes on an identity beyond my original idea. This is, in part, because the work is so labor intensive and time consuming - it takes about a year to make one life-size piece. My ideas mature during that time and the piece changes in response. It is also, in part, due to the materials. Sculpture will often go its own way and do its own thing in spite of one's skill and best effort. The figures, are a combination of cast, fabricated and assembled parts. Steel is hand formed on an anvil then cast elements and found objects are incorporated. I use bronze and steel specifically because they change over time: patinas on bronze deepen and both metals, if left untreated, will oxidize. Many pieces have spent time buried outside as part of the finishing process. The changes that take place in the metal in response to people and environment insure that each work continues to evolve after it leaves my studio.

Andreia Douglas
Adjunct Professor
Courses Taught: Introduction to Computer Graphics, Basic Design, Introduction to Art

Andreia Douglas's professional experience is in the area of curriculum development; delivering instruction to a diverse student body. She provides a comprehensive curriculum that is responsive to student and community needs and assures a high standard of student performance through regular course assessment, updating and revising of course materials to assure alignment with industry standards. Andreia works to provide timely feedback to students to help them define and meet their career, educational, and personal goals. Additionally, she advises/Counsels and Mentors students and integrates the mission statement of the college into teaching practice while utilizing a variety of teaching methodologies. She demonstrates enthusiasm for the discipline and applies specific scholarly research to improve teaching and instruction. Andreia has an interest and commitment to teaching in an online environment. She is experienced teaching classes online and in the classroom.